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A simple solution from MOSSA UK at FitPro to enhance your group exercise offering in 2022!

Some time ago we let you know the  news that group exercise instructors can now have their very own instructor owned licence -exciting! We thought we’d highlight the main take-aways in a Q&A feel – check it out!

Q: What is the licence? 

A: A UK based instructor-owned licence to teach any of the MOSSA group exercise programmes you are certified in at any time, any place, anywhere – it travels with you.

Q: Can I livestream classes? 

A: You sure can! We’ve taken care of the licensing requirements, so that you can get on with teaching your online MOSSA classes. Live stream your class using your own Instructor held MOSSA programme licence of choice, legally and with no additional costs.

Q: Will I incur PPL licence charges to teach the classes? 

A: Nope. You will have nothing to pay to PPL, and what you will save could easily cover the cost of the monthly programme licence fee.

Q: Will I need a PRS licence? 

A: If you are delivering a face-to-face class and live streaming that class to your participants, then yes a PRS licence is required (currently £1.75 ex vat per class).

Q: What’s required to get the MOSSA instructor licence? 

A: Either a qualifying Les Mills or FX certification to transition over to the appropriate MOSSA workout:

Group Power – BODYPUMP or PUMP FX


Group Centergy – BODYBALANCE

Group Blast – BODYSTEP

Group Ride/R30 – RPM


A Level 2 ETM and/or gym instructor qualification to complete online initial training in your chosen programme:

Group Power – ETM (or Gym)

Group Fight – ETM (or Gym)

Group Centergy – ETM

Group Blast – ETM

Group Ride/R30 – ETM (or Gym)

Group Groove – ETM

Group Core – ETM (or Gym)

Group Active – ETM

As a rule of thumb, if this is your first programme, you would need to take a live training; however, under the current social distancing requirements, MOSSA HQ has relaxed this to enable you to complete the comprehensive online training option. Those already certified in at least one programme can select this option in any circumstance.

Q: Am I limited to one venue? 

A: No. You can teach the programmes at multiple venues – community, leisure centres and clubs – as long as you inform us of the address…. you will also be able to live stream from home!

Q: Am I tied into a 12-month agreement? 

A No, not at all. Licence fees are paid monthly, one month in advance, with a 30-day written notice period. We are confident that you will love the programmes as much as we do, so there’s no need to tie you into a 12-month agreement!

Q: Are there mandatory quarterly workshops? 

A: No. The high-quality education is contained in a video on your digital download to avoid the need for costly travel and potential loss of income.

Q: How does it work? 

A: After training, you have 90 days in which to submit a full class video; however, you can teach the workouts as soon as you have completed the online training and are confident to do so. You will complete an instructor agreement and direct debit mandate and the payment will be taken 30 days in advance of launch with a 30-day cancellation notice period.

If you pass – happy days! If referred and not passed within the 90 days from the online training start date, the licence will be withdrawn and you will no longer be able to teach the programme.

You can teach in clubs, leisure centres a community setting or live stream online and preferably call the workout by its brand name but there is an option to ‘white label’ if required to do so by a club or leisure facility. (An example of white labelling would be if there is a specific brand protocol for the suite of group exercise programmes offered, often adopted by operators to align their brand.)

You will have access to a comprehensive online resource for marketing – Management eSource – (including social media), campaigns and branding.

Q: How much does it cost? 

A: £25pcm (inc vat) per programme, to include Management eSource, access to quarterly campaigns and support from FitPro. $36 per quarter for the new digital releases, which include cutting-edge education – no mandatory attendances at quarterly workshops.

The music is PPL free, so may even save you £1.67 (ex vat) each time you teach a class! (The licence can actually pay for itself after tax deductible allowances are taken into account!)

Q: When will my first licence fee be taken? 

A: This will be activated on the 1st of the month, following your successful completion of the online training.

Q: How do I get started? 

A: With a 15+ year pedigree and an ever evolving focus on movement, mental and physical health in enjoyable, inclusive formats…there has never been a better time to take the plunge and join the growing band of UK based MOSSA Instructors.

Click here to register your interest and one of our friendly team will call you to discuss your options – we can’t wait to hear from you!

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