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Part 2 – The climb, told by Karen Porter

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Air of success It was emotional saying goodbye to Reem as she left for her trip. Three weeks. We had spent five or six sessions together a week – every single week – for months. I felt nervous, a sense of responsibility towards her success and, of course, immense pride. She left at the end [...]

The Royal from Qatar

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Part 1 – Inspirational client from Qatar  For many fit pros, their most memorable moments are derived from witnessing their clients conquer the near-impossible, exceed expectations and continue to learn and develop their fitness ability. Meet Doha resident Karen Porter, who shares with Olivia Hubbard her account of training one royal Qatari woman to climb Everest [...]

Why it’s hard to like fitness social media

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The fitness industry is failing to consistently deliver social media content that strengthens brands and engages consumers, says branding and media expert Jon Lipsey. Social media I have a few harsh truths that need to be shared. I want to look specifically at social media use within the fitness industry, a subject I delivered a [...]

FitPro gets appy

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Fitness Professionals Ltd continues to educate its members with the launch of a new app, which hosts a free informative avenue for its members. The app includes the latest issue of Fitpro magazine plus the back catalogue to Autumn 2013. The digital edition of Fitpro offers an innovative interactive experience, where members can watch interviews with the people at [...]

Fitness trends for 2015

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Now in its ninth consecutive year, the American College of Sports Medicine’s (ACSM) annual worldwide survey of fitness trends for 2015 has published key insights to help fitness professionals determine which factors are causing particular fitness trends to increase or decrease in popularity. Topping the fitness trends The survey reports, “High-intensity interval training took over [...]

This Girl Can: Hope for women

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New research has provided evidence that more and more women are reluctant to partake in any exercise due to fear of judgement. Sport England has launched a new campaign seeking to encourage more women to participate in sport after discovering that many women suffer from a severe lack of confidence, which restricts them from becoming [...]

Food diary under the microscope

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Georgina Spenceley is a full-time business analyst, part-time sports therapist and fitness writer who enjoys CrossFit and triathlon training. She’s had concerns about potential gluten intolerance, so she’s currently cutting down on gluten to see if it makes a difference. Food diary 06:00 I don’t usually eat before a morning workout but swimming always makes [...]

Unlocking milk’s formula could save lives

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Do you know the hidden value of milk? FitPro has sourced a study that froths up some insightful developments. The overall nutritional value of milk is well known; however, little research has been carried out into the deeper structure of milk and, in particular, how fats interact with the digestive system. A new study by [...]

Under the FitPro spotlight: Helen Wyman

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Helen Wyman won bronze in the Netherlands when she claimed the first British women’s medal since 2000 at the cyclo-cross 2014 world championships. Olivia Hubbard snatched a few moments of her time to talk sports psychology, the November world cup and speaking Dutch. Wyman was born in St Albans, brought up in Norfolk and now lives in Belgium for the entire [...]

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