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Dr Hussain returns for his second webcast – this time he aims to dispel the myths fit pros may have about GPs and the NHS… and vice versa.

Dr Hussain explains how can we break down barriers and build bridges with GPs and how to also support patients with long-term conditions so they can get active. He shares news about a potential new initiative from Sport England looking to make it easier for patients with long-term conditions to get active without medical clearance (we will keep you posted).

Watch the webcast now!

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A little bit more about Dr Hussain Al-Zubaidi…

Headshot of Dr Hussain

Dr Hussain Al-Zubaidi (@irondoctorhaz) is a lifestyle TV doctor, longevity coach, and long-distance triathlete with Team GB age group. With a focus on movement, community, and nutrition, he holds key roles at the RCGP, parkrun, Swim England, run talk run, Think Active and the Leamington PCN. Dr Al-Zubaidi leads a groundbreaking NHS lifestyle clinic, inspiring patients to adopt healthier habits and community engagement. As a respected educator, he delivers talks to diverse audiences, and his media presence includes over 80 appearances on major channels like Channel 4, BBC, and ITV.

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