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We asked our friends over at Fitness Marketing Agency to share their insights on this hot topic. We hope this sheds some light on how you can ‘maximise sales, profit and happiness’.

As a gym owner, you’re passionate about helping people achieve their fitness goals and live healthier lives. You’ve invested time, effort and resources into creating an exceptional training facility, but are you maximising your outreach to the local community?

In this ever-evolving world of fitness marketing, it’s crucial to adapt and stay ahead of the competition. We have an eye-opening training to share with you that discusses the Buyer’s Pyramid, an essential concept for transforming your marketing strategy. This training will not only change the way you approach your marketing but also help you connect with a broader audience and dominate your local marketplace.

The Buyer’s Pyramid: A mindset shift

The video you’re about to watch delves deep into the Buyer’s Pyramid, a fundamental concept that every gym owner should know about. The pyramid represents the local population in your area and is divided into four categories:

Unaware: These individuals have no idea about your Gym or the benefits it offers.

Problem Aware: They recognise that they have a fitness problem but are unaware of potential solutions.

Solution Aware: These people are aware of your Gym and the solutions it provides but aren’t yet ready to commit.

Ready to Buy: Only 3% of your market falls into this category – they’re actively looking to join a fitness programme right now.

The challenge: The 3% conundrum

You’re not alone in the race to capture those 3% of ready-to-buy customers. You’re competing with every other gym or fitness facility in your area for this small slice of the market. If you focus all your marketing efforts on this tiny fraction, you’re neglecting a substantial portion of your potential clientele.

The opportunity: Nurturing the pyramid

The power of the Buyer’s Pyramid lies in its ability to illustrate the customer journey. While only 3% are ready to buy immediately, the majority of your potential clients are scattered across the lower levels of the pyramid. These are the individuals who may not be ready to commit right now but, over time, they’ll ascend the pyramid as they become more aware and informed about their fitness needs.

Connecting with your audience

So, how can you ensure you’re connecting with those lower down the pyramid? It’s all about adjusting your marketing messages to resonate with the other segments of your local population, not just the people who are ready to buy.

Educate the unaware and address the problem aware: these are people who have no idea about the solution and/or even the problem. You need to connect emotionally with these people about the benefits they could get and feel. Share success stories, client testimonials and specific benefits that demonstrate why your programme is the best solution for their fitness needs. This helps reinforce their choice when they are ready to take the next step.

Expanding your reach and dominating your local market

The key to success lies in expanding your reach and establishing a connection with potential customers at every stage of the Buyer’s Pyramid. By tailoring your marketing efforts to cater to the needs of every segment, you’ll build a loyal customer base that will eventually ascend to the ready-to-buy stage.

This training on the Buyer’s Pyramid is a game-changer for gym owners like you. It offers invaluable insights into understanding and connecting with your local community. By broadening your marketing focus and nurturing potential clients at every level of the pyramid, you’ll not only outshine your competition but also become the go-to gym in your area.

So, don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your marketing strategy – watch the video, implement these strategies and watch your gym thrive in your local marketplace.

Author Bio:

Headshot of Charlie Horton, author of our Mastering the Buyer's Pyramid blog.Charlie Horton is an international speaker who has been with Fitness Marketing Agency since its creation in 2018, working to help grow the business into what it is today. A hugely successful agency that supports over 400+ clients, from Independent Gym Owners, CrossFit Boxes, Franchises and Corporate Gyms to Personal Trainers and. FMA provides such businesses with marketing tools and resources to aid in lead generation, conversion, sales and ultimately growth. Charlie specialises in lead generation and client acquisition.








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