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Full-time personal trainer and FitPro trainer Holly Lynch has devised a fresh and innovative circuit, which incorporates sprawls into lateral shuffles, speed jabs and box jump squats. 

 Watch her dynamic circuit here:


What do you like about the MyGroupFit music track to which your circuit is performed?

I love using electro-influenced music during my own personal workouts and I have found this style of music to work well within my small group training and studio-based circuit classes. Music that incorporates emotional highs and lows enables participants to physically push and pull to mirror it, enhancing their workout experience and leaving them wanting more.

This workout featured Sweet Escape (Pep and Rash Remix) by Alesso from the album Electric AnthemsDownload yours today.

In what way would you say MOSSA helps your PT business?

MOSSA has pushed my personal training to a whole new level, not only through the introduction of exercise variations that I can incorporate into sessions, but also via the additional education resource that is provided with each quarterly release. As a company, MOSSA is very evolutionary, always striving to be at the forefront of physical education and contemporary fitness trends, which helps me keep my personal training fresh and relevant.

How have the MOSSA programmes developed your personal practical skill set?

Throughout the MOSSA national trainer journey, my personal practical skill set has constantly developed thanks to the progressive nature of all of the MOSSA group programmes. Regularly videoing and assessing myself instructing the programmes has been an invaluable tool in monitoring execution and ensuring that my delivery of exercises is safe, effective and authentic. I would advise all personal trainers and class instructors to utilise this great educational tool.

Can you list some possible regressions for some of the exercises showcased on the video?

(Exercises are listed in the order they are shown on the video.)

  • Lighter weights used during plate rotations
  • Non-resisted roundhouse kick practise – then later progressing onto resisted version
  • Squat and shuffle, instead of sprawl and shuffle
  • Non-resisted speed jabs using shadow boxing only
  • Use floor for press and pike – and give knee-modified version during press as further regression
  • Use lower plyometric box for jumps or even perform a squat jump at floor level, and modify depth of pistol squat
  • Use resistance bands to aid in pull-ups – or, to regress further, perform the same movement of knees pulling into chest with rotations lying on a matt
  • Bodyweight battle ropes can be utilised if the weight of the battle ropes is a little intense for some participants

Holly plucked inspiration for this workout from her own creativity as a personal trainer and passion for the MOSSA UK Group Fight programme. MOSSA Group Fight taps into the hottest mixed martial arts. MOSSA transports you from the boxing ring to the fighting cage at a rapid face pace.  If you’re inspired by Holly’s in-sync movements and you want to experience some MMA movements yourself, join us at the MOSSA UK Workshop Series.

MOSSA Workshop trainers: Teresa Wheatley, Lynn Wison and Lee Valentine make some time for a quick picture at The MOSSA Workshop session in Warrington!

MOSSA workshop trainers Teresa Wheatley, Lynn Wilson and Lee Valentine make some time for a quick picture at the MOSSA workshop in Warrington!


About Holly

“Currently, I’m a full-time personal trainer and studio class instructor in the North West of England. I have been involved with MOSSA as an instructor for three years and as a national trainer with FitPro for one year. I am currently qualified in six of the MOSSA group programmes and run regular classes alongside my personal training clients. I am therefore kept extremely busy. Group fitness for me has been an energy injection into my career and I have found it is an area of training that participants become genuinely excited about. Group fitness participants have progressed onto personal training sessions and vice versa, ensuring that my workload stays constant and fresh.”


Holly Lynch

Holly Lynch