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The new MOSSA Instructor Licence just landed and already it’s transforming the way fit pros navigate the current climate – and it’s here to stay! Here, we tell you all about it – the chances are it’s going to revolutionise the way you do things.

1. Freedom – your licence, your choice

Your passport to freedom is here in the form of the MOSSA Instructor Licence! The licence travels with you, so you can teach pretty much any time, anywhere, from leisure centres to clubs to community settings … even online (* with the appropriate music/live streaming licence), which is so valuable in the current climate. If you’re teaching MOSSA in a facility, there is no longer a need for the facility to hold a licence – but many savings to be had all round. Facilities can even ‘white label’ the programmes to sit alongside their in-house brand.

*  If you’re looking to get a music/live streaming licence, the Limited Online Music Licence with Sync Uplift is the most cost-effective legal option at the moment. This can be obtained through FitPro or directly from PPLPRS

2. Music to get clients really moving

MOSSA programmes are PPL free, as the music is engineered to suit the track content and, therefore, it has to be non-original. Don’t be fooled though, it is energising, motivating and created to be programme specific. So expect a ramp up of speed in Group Fight and Group Ride, for example, and it’s equally phrased in all programmes for a balanced workout. The cross-section of genres added to the mix ensures there is wide appeal and happy participants! (Most venues have a PRS licence but please do check.)

3. The confidence to know you’re delivering a superb product

All MOSSA programmes are tested globally six months in advance of a release (including in the UK), so you have the reassurance of knowing that more than 7,000 instructors and their participants have given a big ‘thumbs up’ to both music and content. The scores are a massive 90% plus over and over again. If there is a pattern of feedback relating to a specific move, transition or piece of music, the developers will go back, review and amend as necessary. It doesn’t get better than that for confidence in a workout, its content and the music!

4. A broad, inclusive appeal draws more clients in

Although you may find the concept of many of the programmes similar to those you are familiar with, the content will be different. MOSSA has developed the workouts to include multi-plane, three-dimensional, functional movements (i.e., moving towards ‘movement for health’, as opposed to ‘getting the fit fitter’). Therefore, they have broader appeal and ‘reach the back row’ more easily. In other words, they are more inclusive.

Fully integrated movement training has become a key component and takes the pressure off loading the same muscles and connecting tissue, which leads to progression and the presence of innovation in each release. Each quarter, there is a different training objective, so these periodised workouts leave no room for complacency, plateauing or boredom.

5. Back-up from experienced industry bods gives you huge support

 The releases come with a campaign each quarter, be it Move4Health, Grow Younger, Move More, Move Better or one of the other great topics found in the online resources available to licensed instructors and operators. You will also find white papers and a whole range of social media resources, as well as marketing collateral.

MOSSA doesn’t hold mandatory quarterly workshops – all the education is on the relevant release and is usually generic across all programmes, unless there is something specifically relating to one. This is relevant and on point – education is overseen by an experienced advisory board (including Derrick Price from the well-respected Institute of Motion), as is all the workout content. You also have the backing of FitPro, which this year celebrates 30 years of educating and supporting group exercise instructors in the UK and beyond.

What’s not to love?

Take out your own MOSSA Instructor Licence to open up a whole new world of opportunity for yourself. The cost is just £25 per month per programme and you can open the doors into clubs and leisure centres that need fresh, exciting and appealing programmes at no cost to themselves. You also have the reassurance of 20+ years of programme development, and the freedom to choose where you teach classes – that now includes in the community for the first time

What’s not to love?! For more information, click here.