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Here’s a further update concerning Indoor and Outdoor Exercise in England subsequent to moving to lockdown from Thursday 5th November.

  • Indoor and outdoor leisure facilities such as leisure centres, gyms, studios, sports facilities, swimming pools, fitness and dance studios must close.
  • Community centres and halls must also close.
  • People can exercise or visit outdoor public places with the people they live with, their support bubble, or 1 person from another household. So Personal Training on a 1:1 basis is allowed assuming Covid-secure guidance
  • Personal Training should, however, only be undertaken in outdoor public places including parks and public gardens, but not a private garden.
  • Group exercise classes are not permitted, indoors or outdoors.

Other commonly asked questions

  • Multiple clients in any one day?

There are no government restrictions around training frequency, but one client at a time.

  • What is classified as an outdoor public place?

Public gardens, parks, grounds, neighbourhood streets, parks, beaches, allotments, outdoor playgrounds (whether or not you pay to enter them).

NOTE: Please note: these guidelines are only applicable to England and are subject ongoing COVID-19 guidelines from the government. – the guidelines may differ for other parts of the UK.