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Insurance holds an unusual but important place in life. You purchase this product with the hope that you’ll never have to use it. But you also buy it for the reassurance that, if the worst were to happen, it is there to assist you and enable you to continue to deliver your classes and sessions.

Having the right insurance is important at all times and no more so than during COVID-19 as, while these are uncertain times, you want to feel reassured that you will be covered and supported throughout. COVID has rapidly changed how we operate and it is important to ensure that your insurance provides sufficient and flexible cover to suit your needs.

The FitPro Instructor Public and Teacher Liability insurance is designed for qualified fitness industry professionals who hold a supporting qualification in the area of instruction and also for students who are working towards gaining an instructor qualification. The insurance is underwritten by Aviva and includes both public liability and professional indemnity.

It is important to select a highly reliable insurance policy that provides the depth of cover to enable instructors to deliver a range of activities and adapt to the changing demands of the fitness industry.

For over 30 years, the FitPro insurance scheme has continued to meet the growing needs of fitness industry professionals, whether live-streaming from home, training clients via Zoom, working outdoors in parks, gardens and beaches, or working in gyms, studios and community facilities.

Throughout the pandemic, FitPro has continued to support instructors through ongoing updates and guidance to ensure that instructors operate within the relevant government guidelines. We have endeavoured to share any important updates with our members via our social media channels, emails and blogs at the earliest possible opportunity.

As the years have gone by, we have continually reviewed our products to ensure they are in line with our customers’ needs and trends within the industry.

This is why, even before the pandemic, coverage for delivering online was included as standard.

In terms of online training, the insurance includes:

  • live, interactive, face-to-face training such as Zoom
  • pre-programmed video content
  • live streaming.

However, to be covered for online training, the instructor must:

  • work within their area of knowledge and expertise, supported by a nationally accredited instructor qualification
  • pre-screen participants before each session with a PAR-Q form
  • give health and safety guidelines, displayed clearly on your social media and/or web page
  • include a disclaimer
  • ensure that any children/minors participating are supervised throughout the online fitness session by an adult.

You can find out more about our cover for online training HERE

What if the worst was to happen?

As an instructor, you should check when setting up your insurance that the policy is written on a claims-occurrence rather than a claims-made basis. Claims-made insurance only covers you for claims made during the period for which the insurance policy is active. However, a claims-occurrence insurance will provide cover as long as the insurance contract was in force at the time of the incident. Any claim of that nature made will be dealt with by the insurers, even if the policy is no longer in force.

At FitPro, we have opted for claims-occurrence insurance for our insurance policies. We did this as we feel this option gives our customers peace of mind. Our customers know that, as long as they were insured with us through their career, we will be there to support them.

FitPro is committed to supporting all your insurance requirements and providing the most comprehensive cover available.

Are you looking for insurance to work in the fitness industry?

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Alternatively, to find out more about our insurance policies, you can talk to a member of our insurance team on 020 8586 8635 or via