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Walking into a class for the first time can be super-intimidating; taking that first step into the studio is a challenge often put off by many. Claire Burlison thinks of these people as being the ‘almost active’.

Listen to Claire, founder and brand Director of Clubbercise share her wisdom – it comes from personal experience. Claire lists out her top tips and explains how you can gently support the ‘almost active’. We all want to create the kind of place where beginners and people who lack confidence feel comfortable.

FitPro’s Teresa Wheatley chatted to Claire about encouraging the ‘almost active’ into the studio and how we can have them with us for a lifetime – Claire covers:

  • The power of a walkthrough video
  • Buddying up
  • Creating a conducive atmosphere perhaps by dimming the lights
  • The power of promoting the benefits
  • To give a freebie
  • How to truly make people feel welcome.
Smash down those barrier for your newbies – some of them may even go on to become your future front row crew!

A little bit more about Claire….

Headshot of Claire BurlisonClaire Burlison – Founder and Brand Director, Clubbercise

Successful fitness entrepreneur with a unique background… Claire did very little exercise herself until she turned 30 and discovered dance fitness. She started her career as a graphic designer then moved into marketing management and brand consultancy before launching Clubbercise in 2013. Today roughly 100,000 people worldwide are taking Clubbercise classes every week.

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