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Hands up if your about page is actually about you. Double hands up if you have included your qualifications on there too. Former journalist and boot camp owner Yvonne Radley shares her secrets to an effective about page and why it should never be about you!

Why do we feel the need to write all about ourselves on our about page? No other profession I know lists their qualifications on their website. Trust me: nobody is going to ask you to show your certificates.

So, if your about page is not about you, what is it about? It’s about how YOU can help YOUR audience, so you need to speak directly to THEM. Your about page should always be about them.

Take a look at it now and see how many times you use the word ‘I’ – or ‘We’ if you work in a team. Just by changing a few semantics and switching that to a ‘You’ will improve it 100%. Let me give you an example. You probably have something like this:

Here at Fitness Blank we have the best trainers in the town to help you lose weight, tone up and get fit.

We pride ourselves on our training and are constantly updating our qualifications and introducing new classes to keep them up to date and varied.

Sounds familiar?

Now try this:

You will be working with some of the best trainers in town to help you get to where you want to be – whether that’s dropping some weight, toning up or getting fitter.

You will get to try the latest fitness trends first because we pride ourselves on being in the know and delivering them fast to you.

See the difference? See how you draw the reader in instantly and they feel like you are talking directly to them – this is the key to sales. Make it personal.

Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t talk about yourself at all – just drop it way down the page. You want to put in an appearance about two thirds down and include a picture, so people know who you are. Give them some personal information and tell them WHY you work in the fitness industry and where your passion lies. That’s what they buy into – not how many qualifications you have.

You also have to have a strong call to action on this page. It’s the second most read page on your website, so give them somewhere to go to book in with you – whether that’s a phone number or an email address or a link through to book an appointment.

And finally, make sure you have an ‘opt in’ box on your about page, so people who visit your page have somewhere to leave their name and email address so you can talk to them whenever you want. And don’t make it a plain old newsletter – make them an offer they can’t refuse – something your customer needs to solve a problem they have.

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Come and discover FitPro LIVE this July …


Yvonne Radley

Yvonne Radley

Yvonne Radley


Yvonne is a former journalist and boot camp owner who fused her two careers and has spent the last two years coaching fit pros on how to get fame and get clients through her company Big Me Up Media. Her most famous client is Katie Bulmer-Cooke, who recently starred in BBC1’s The Apprentice. Last year, Yvonne helped Katie get £125,000 worth of free publicity. Yvonne’s Business Mentoring Programme guides you through creating a website that attracts clients and sales faster. Visit to book a free call with Yvonne.