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With Europe’s leading fitness industry event just around the corner at ExCeL London on 9-10 July, we’ve highlighted the key ViPR sessions you should get yourself booked onto for FitPro LIVE.

Truscott teaches military


Matt Truscott - FitPro LIVE presenter

Matt Truscott – FitPro LIVE presenter

Commencing the ViPR action at FitPro LIVE is global master trainer Matt Truscott, who will deliver the ViPR Military session. Truscott will take us through strength, speed, power, mobility and change of direction – key attributes for soldiers to be able to move as effectively as possible through space, as opposed to being ‘big’ and ‘aesthetic’. So what can you take home from attending Truscott’s sessions? Well, you can learn key military movements to incorporate into your own clients’ sessions. The dynamic ViPR presenter will also take you through the science of ViPR, debunk the myths behind Loaded Movement Training and show you exactly how the farm-strong philosophy is successfully demonstrated, from belief through to practice. Learn first-hand the vital importance of whole-body integrated training and how to progress and regress.

Truscott says, “To understand how ViPR meets the military’s needs, we must analyse the demands of the individual both on and off the field of battle.”

Join Matt Truscott at FitPro LIVE – what will you take home from the session?


Burrell on functional fitness

Jenny Burrell presents at FitPro LIVE 2014


Jenny Burrell, one of the UK’s leading professionals in the fields of modern pregnancy, post-baby, third age and female-centric fitness and body work therapy will share her innovative session Female 4R: Fascial functional fitness through a female lens. The ‘vibration’ of childbirth can be felt for decades after within the musculoskeletal and fascial system. Burrell’s session, which is mostly practical, demonstrates how to adapt Loaded Movement Training using ViPR, bodyweight and partner work to specifically release and free up the postnatal soft-tissue hotspots, effectively freeing clients from discomfort and pain.

Burrell is the founder of Burrell Education, the UK’s only REPs-endorsed licensed education provider dedicated solely to educating these special populations. So come and meet Jenny and get involved in her session, watch her work with passion, and gain fundamental knowledge to implement into your own classes and for your own personal training.

New ViPR MOSSA workout

Brand new for 2015, the ViPR workout by MOSSA integrates strength and cardio training to build muscle, burn calories and improve agility. Revolutionise your whole body using Loaded Movement Training in this three-dimensional experience. Dynamic music drives the energetic, 30-minute workout with athletic movements and phases of high-intensity interval training. Train the way the body was designed to move. Come and train with ViPR at FitPro LIVE and test your strength!

Jane Waller, global ViPR manager and FitPro director, commented on the new MOSSA ViPR workout by saying, “The new MOSSA ViPR workout is innovative, effective and fun. MOSSA takes a high IQ tool and creates a high EQ customer experience. This workout trains the body the way it was designed to move. You have to try it to experience the difference it makes.”