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When you feel back pain, you know about it. Different experts explain the ins and outs of it.

This video explains the importance of pain. There are different types of back pain that are often linked to the amount of pain we’re in, but in actuality they are representative of the length of time you have been in pain.

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P04 Different Types of Pain from TheSoundDoctor on Vimeo.

From acute to chronic, whatever type of pain is causing your back harm needs to be treated by a doctor. This could be the difference between an acute back problem turning into a longer, chronic issue.

Whilst this video is not advice to follow if you are suffering from any type of back pain, the experts featured provide an overview of the types of back pain you or your clients may experience. The best thing to do when in pain is always to see a specialist.

But remember: don’t panic. A lot of pain doesn’t always mean a lot of damage has done. Instead, it is your back telling the rest of your body to stop, because damage could be done if continued.

As it is linked to so many parts of your body, back pain can often impact other areas, such as pins and needles in the fingers or numbness in the legs.

Back pain can be serious – always see a professional as soon as you can if you experience it.


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