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From my days as a participant to being an instructor today, I’m such a MOSSA girl, says Leila Neve.

I’ve been a group exercise participant on and off for almost 30 years now, both in facilities and at home with the good old celebrity workout tapes (remember those?!), and I can honestly say there is no programme like a MOSSA programme. From the movement combinations to the specially curated and created music, every detail has been thought through, tested and perfected so that once our members experience it, they can be sure they’re getting the best.

The individual instructor licence allows instructors total freedom in which programmes we choose to deliver and in which facilities. We can even deliver MOSSA workouts online, which, partly due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, has seen a huge increase in demand. Thanks to this I am a qualified Group Fight, Group Core and Group Active instructor and I absolutely love everything about each one. Giving ourselves, especially as women, the permission to let out our wild side and punch, kick and sweat our way through Group Fight is so empowering! Group Core allows me to demonstrate that there is so much more to core training than a few crunches tacked onto the end of a workout. And Group Active … ooh Group Active … this is honestly like no other workout! If you want step-based cardio, we’ve got it. You want some strength training? We’ve got that too! And what’s that? Your balance could do with some work? We’ve even got that in there!

MOSSA has this phrase, ‘train together, win together’, and I honestly think that sums up group exercise beautifully. Having a front row seat to experience a room full of like-minded people having fun, working hard, singing along and celebrating each other’s successes is honestly magical. But MOSSA’s ‘train together, win together’ mentality doesn’t stop there. Their programme-testing procedure involves us all, giving instructors around the world a chance to help the team perfect each release, making us all feel valued and part of the process. The team spend over 300 hours developing each quarterly workout and the testing phase consists of around 150 Instructors and thousands of participants around the world feeding back over a three week period, 6 months in advance of release!

The  MOSSA UK team who look after us go so far above and beyond to make sure we are supported along every step of the way, from initial enquiry through to our learning and assessment periods, and make sure we have everything we need beyond qualifying.

As long as I’m an instructor, you can bet your glutes that I’ll be delivering MOSSA workouts!

If you’re interested in joining me to get more people moving with MOSSA, head to to find out more! See you there …

A little bit about Leila…

After years of being a group exercise participant and gym goer, and after years of multiple corrective surgeries to stabilise and straighten constantly dislocating knees, I finally took the plunge and followed my dream of becoming a personal trainer and fitness instructor. (Well actually I was thrown into it by my friend and trainer who saw how much I’d love it!)

I am incredibly passionate about finding ways to make sure that exercise is fun, enjoyable, and accessible to everybody no matter their background and/or physical ability. To help me achieve this I’ve gained a number of further qualifications including Group Active, Group Core, Group Fight, Pilates, ViPR, and TRX, and am in my final year of study towards a BSc in Sport & Exercise Science.

When I’m not training someone, bouncing around a fitness studio, or studying, you can generally find me with my wonderful grown up children, my fabulous other half, and my extremely snuggly dog, watching movies or eating s’mores around the firepit in the garden


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