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So far in our Exercises Explored series, we have focussed on exercises that most PTs and group exercise instructors would use regularly. Now it’s time to check out what our yoga expert has in store for you. In this edition, Rachael Watson takes us on a journey with the Warrior series, looking at the benefits of the warrior pose, how it’s performed and some unique variations to keep your practice fresh and specific to you and your clients.


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Author bio

Rachael Watson's headshot

Rachael Watson has been part of the FitPro team for over five years, after being selected to become national trainer and presenter for the MOSSA programmes. Rachael has worked in the fitness industry for over 20 years as group X co-ordinator, freelance instructor and personal trainer. Specialising in yoga and yoga therapy, she is the founder of Yoga Heaven, a successful yoga retreats business. Rachael is passionate about fitness and wellbeing, devoting herself to helping people improve their health and lifestyle.