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“Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is.”

So, apparently, said NFL legend Vince Lombardi, and I couldn’t agree more.1

In any given competition, only one person or team can take the glory of finishing first, but real achievement comes from striving to be your best, every day, in pursuit of your goals.

As Jane explained in the previous blog,  I have recently joined FitPro as the new production editor and, last weekend, took on some of the most formidable women in the world at Europe’s Strongest Woman.

Amy Carter competing at Europe's Strongest Woman 2016. Photo credit Adam Lee Photography.

Amy Carter competing at Europe’s Strongest Woman 2016. Photo credit Adam Lee Photography.

I went into the competition knowing exactly what I was capable of and, in my view, I underperformed (not winning, but placing fourth). I made mistakes and a couple of things, which were out of my control, didn’t go my way. And at this level, it makes all the difference – the top five were separated by just a couple of points. I failed to capitalise on opportunities and missed out on a spot at the World Championships by the closest of margins. But I take no shame in losing to some remarkable and truly deserving women, which I am honoured to have shared the competition floor and a good few laughs with.

Many have said to me that fourth is an excellent result and I should be proud. Any sports performer, or perfectionist, will understand why these comments are like water off a duck’s back. I am not proud of my performance because I know I have a lot more to give. However, I am glad I stepped up, outside my comfort zone, and chose to compete on an international stage.

I am proud, though, of the work that I put in to make it to the competition. I love strength training, but there were days where I didn’t want to train, couldn’t quite juggle life to make a session, or trained in the dark due to electrical faults … but I always pushed through, however I could.

In my eyes, consistency and the ability to put in the work, day in, day out, are what really make the difference. This does not mean going for PBs every session, but following a well-thought-out training plan, eating and sleeping well, and listening to your body. Those that choose to do this will be rewarded and reach their goals … albeit eventually.

In a world where we now expect answers and results at the click of our fingers, taking the long, often harder, road is even more challenging, but surely this makes the end goal that little bit sweeter?

The fitness industry will always be bombarded with quick fixes and miracle cures, sneakily marketed through inventive campaigns preying on the insecurities of potential clients. But real results, whether in fitness, business, or any other area, have to come from getting the basics right; having a clear plan and then consistency in following this, with some humour and support thrown in to actually make it enjoyable and sustainable.

Amy Carter - Lifting the 70kg stone of steel.

Amy Carter – Lifting the 70kg stone of steel.

And it is real results that I will continue to strive for. Whether in the office or the gym, my focus will be steadily building on previous achievements.

For FitPro, this means bringing together all the fantastic work that we do and delivering it to you in the best way possible. Followers of the FitPro blog will notice that we have posted this on a Thursday, instead of the usual Friday; this will continue going forward. I, or a well-respected member of the fitness industry, will now write the weekly blogs and we will focus on programming pieces, current issues and personal opinions on areas of constant interest to fitness professionals. If you have a blog idea or area you would like discussed, please get in touch – You will also notice some small changes in the next issue of Fitpro, due out on 1 March 2017, as we look at refining the design and content.

Personally, my ‘real result’ is doing what I love: lifting heavy stuff and taking on gruelling fitness challenges, with old friends and new. Training, to me, is not really for that one big competition day, but for every small achievement (and the relationships made) along the way.

That being said, I have no doubt I will compete again in the near future, exactly when and where will be decided after some festive down-time. But be sure, wherever it is, I will give it my all.

Amy Carter - FitPro production editor

Amy Carter – FitPro production editor

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