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Looking for even more workout inspiration? Celebrity fitness trainer Shona Vertue shares some awesome workout videos for you this week.

To help mark National Fitness Day, which took place on 26 September, Shona Vertue teamed up with AXA PPP Healthcare to provide tips and exclusive workouts to help people get active before the working day.

Shona has made a big impact on the fitness industry in recent years and she coaches the likes of David Beckham and Gary Barlow, to name a few of her celebrity clients.

Stress suppressor

Have your clients got a stressful day ahead? Join Shona in her weight-training workout for the entire body, designed to help boost your productivity and keep a sense of calm throughout the day.



Prime poster

Do your clients have a whole day of sitting ahead of them? This resistance band workout focuses on your glutes – a good remedy for desk-bound days, long commutes, or times when you are just sitting.



Brain booster

Do you want to feel calm and energised for a busy day ahead? Get your day off to an excellent start with this full-body yoga workout with Shona. Do you feel ready to take on the day now?


Fitness tips from Shona Vertue

The idea of a ‘flying start’ is awesome, but the reality is that when that alarm goes off and you’re peeling your eyes open like Velcro, all good intentions to exercise can dissolve FAST.

Here are a few tips that I use to help me get off to a flying start:

1. Night before prep: I prepare as much as possible the evening before while my brain is calm and relaxed (we usually make better decisions in this state). That means preparing my breakfast and lunch for the next day, choosing my outfit and packing my work bag. This then allows me to have more time for my workouts and my ‘stare at the wall until my brain wakes up’ time (just me then?).

2. Lay it all out: Lay out your fitness equipment and clothing so that when you wake up it’s the first thing that you see. It will serve as a visual reminder; kick starting your brain into gearing up for exercise.

3. Hydrate before you caffeinate: Did you know that even a 5% reduction in hydration can cause a 30% decrease in the body’s working capacity? Hydration will not only give you a brain and body boost, but it will also provide you with more energy for your workout (I’m sure we can agree that anything that makes it more comfortable is worth doing!).

4. Buddy up: Let’s face it, hanging out with friends is much more fun than working out, so turn your hangouts into workouts and you’ll enjoy the process so much more. You’ll also be much less likely to cancel the session if you know that you’ll be letting down a friend. Set a date and time to meet in the park before work and get your sweat on together.

5. Have a plan: You can’t be expected to be on your game the minute you wake up. Training with a plan that sets out exactly what you are going to do in the workout is much more effective than indecisively flailing from exercise to exercise, unsure of whether you’re actually heading towards the results you’re seeking to achieve.

We would love to know how you got on with Shona’s workouts. Get in touch with us and we will share your videos and pictures on our social media channels next week!

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