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Thinking about setting up your home studio in 2020 or starting that boutique business you’ve always dreamed of? What are the most important things you need to consider in order to protect your business and help it flourish?

1. Get insured

As owner of a studio there are a number of things to think about, and keeping your business safeguarded is vital. You will need public liability insurance. ‘Having instructor Public Liability insurance in place will protect you in the event of any claim made against you as a result of an accident or injury to your client(s) or participant(s) resulting during the course of your instruction,’ explains Business Manager, Darren Orton. ‘The insurance also includes damage to third party property,’ he adds. If you’ve invested in new equipment for your home studio, it’s also worth considering getting covered, it’s just £95 for peace of mind. Find out more here. And Darren reminds us: ‘When setting up a home studio you will of course, need to notify your home insurer of a proposed change of usage for commercial purposes to ensure it is covered within your building and content insurance’.

If you have any questions about insurance and what’s right for you, call us on 020 8586 8635 to speak to a friendly member of our team who understand fitness inside and out, or if you prefer drop us an email

2. License your Music

If you’re providing group classes or just want some music for your studio, you’ll need a licence. My Group Fit is the world’s largest original artist fitness compilation library. Subscribe to the MyGroupFit Fitness Music Player app and you’ll get unlimited access to the ultimate digital music subscription service.

3. Get Known: Do your marketing

Launching your own business means you’re going to be wearing a lot of different hats. From setting up insurance, getting your music, and of course planning your sessions and actually doing the instructing. But if you do all this and no one knows about you, you will not have a home studio for long! It’s hard to take yourself out of doing when you’re running a business and it’s easy to waste time on marketing activities that may lead nowhere. Give yourself a head start by completing our GET KNOWN branding and marketing course, and gain 5 CPD points and a nice new certificate for your wall too!

4. Equipment essentials

For most personal trainers and small studio owners a good start is to stock your studio with a full set of free weights, offer a wide range ideal for setting up your home studio. Go direct to their website for details and to make an order. Simple, inexpensive additions include steps, skipping ropes, and medicine balls. Shop around to get the best bargains.

5. Design your space

The style of many urban gyms is clean and simple. Check out your favourite gyms and studios for inspiration, a good starting point is Pintrest where you’ll find hundreds of ideas for your fitness studio design. If you can’t afford sprung floors invest in some good mats. If you’re feeling creative add some inspirational images or quotes to white walls. Important considerations include great storage for equipment and bags, good lighting and  well positioned mirrors. You may also want to add a water fountain, towels and even healthy snacks.