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Unless you’ve been ignoring our emails (and we hope you haven’t!), you will be aware that Team FitPro is taking part in Walk the Walk’s MoonWalk London, the original night time walking event on Saturday 11 May. 

As every ambitious team needs a strong team name (think pink), we opted for FitPro Flamingos – yes, it helps that flamingos are currently ‘in fashion’; closely followed by the pineapple of course. The team is therefore frantically feather searching, meaning the fancy dress cupboard from university can be delved into once more. Lucky us!

This year is the 22nd MoonWalk event and will be starting off from Clapham Common. It’s uplifting, inspiring, fun, and this years’ theme is disco inferno! Glitter balls aside, we wanted to hear from Walk the Walk’s founder and Chief Executive, Nina Barough, on her reasons for starting the event and how far it’s come. FitPro’s editor was also joined by PT and breast cancer fighter, Mary Huckle.

We really do hope that this podcast provides you with an insight into one of the biggest nights on the fitness event calendar. There is still time to join us (if you’re already active and walking – the training plan is in full swing).

 Have a listen to this week’s podcast HERE



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