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Business development consultant Andrew James Crawford has seen how creative many fitness professionals have been to stay afloat this year and it’s inspired him to share his thoughts with our community.

Your burning passion which lights the fire of your purpose will carry you through these uncertain and unprecedented changes within our industry. Unless you adapt, adopt and accept these unexpected changes and challenges, you will be left behind.

There is a vast array of opportunities presented to you within our present circumstance. It is up to you as a leader, instructor and motivator to tap into it in order to help, to serve and to support your client.

Fear is no longer an option.

You are YouNique

There is no one like you now nor will there ever be. This is your chance to shine and leave a lasting legacy. You are YouNique.

Within the last two weeks, two of my school friends passed away. Their legacy, whether good or bad, will follow them from here on out. What will your legacy say about you?

Yes, this is a time to reflect and make the necessary adjustments if you are not comfortable with your present position. You and only you are in control of where you will take yourself. You are the captain of your own destination. Set your course and focus on your destination.


If you have a certain type of skill or experience, it is not the time to hide them. Bring them into play for the betterment of your client. Ask yourself, “What more can I add that will bring value to them?”

Your tried-and-tested tactics and techniques that you have developed, over your working life, can now be systematically utilised. Use them or lose them, like your muscles!

Stop, listen and listen

This is also the time to listen twice as hard as you can speak. What do your clients want? They will tell you. I have seen many postings revealing exactly what clients desire. With the feedback received, you are now in a position to alter your offerings, already in a position to deliver.

Listen, act on it and implement in accordance with your personal goals and your wider purpose.


If you do not possess the necessary skill set required to futureproof your business, there are many companies offering training.

Utilise the time you have, not in idle programme watching but in learning a new skill, reading that manual, practising that new technique. If you are not doing it, your competitor will surely be taking advantage of the time because time is a commodity you cannot buy back.

Utilise your time and treat it as a golden opportunity to reskill and upskill.

Asking for permission

There is no need to ask for permission. Rise up, stand up and go forth. If you want permission, just look in the mirror and say to the person you see, “I give you permission.”

What has this taught us?

You have undoubtedly learned a few lessons over the last few months, which may have taken you from a place of complacency and comfort to a place of gratitude and appreciation. In addition to these, you came to the realisation of the fact that you were and had to be:

  • flexible
  • adaptable
  • resourceful
  • teachable

These lessons will aide you in future proofing your business in times of change.

What new opportunities have arisen?

With the current status quo in play, there are reports of adverse mental effects on a large percentage of society. These variety of cases need your support, your leadership and your instruction.

Where can you fit in?

Providing alternative sessions such as mentoring, coaching and counselling springs to mind – the one-to-ones (not physical but mental support), the small online group sessions and conversations with others.

People are lonely and you are the glue that can bring it all together again.


In closing, I encourage you to adapt, adopt and apply in accordance with your passion and wider purpose for the greater good.

Author Bio

Andrew James Crawford is a qualified Fitness Instructor, qualified PT & qualified Accountant. He has been active in the Fitness Industry for over 30 years.