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With the aim of expanding its client base to potentially hundreds of thousands of new clients, fibodo has partnered with Wrkit.

Wrkit, the employee engagement platform, has more than 200 client companies at its fingertips, including the NHS, FedEx, Dropbox, EON, AECOM and more. The partnership will allow fibodo, the booking management platform for fitness professionals, to connect with employees from these companies. Employees may also search the Wrkit Activity Hub to find and book personal trainers and sports coaches.

Anthony Franklin, CEO and founder of fibodo, sees this as an opportunity to empower PTs and fitness coaches by growing their personal businesses.

In addition to fibodo providing PTs with a comprehensive booking management platform, they can now gain access to hundreds of thousands of potential new clients,” said Franklin.

This alone could enable them to achieve a significant increase in client volume and income – without any additional marketing or set-up costs.”

Research by Glassdoor shows that employees value work benefits and perks more than a pay increase, and the opportunity to have access to endless personal trainers and sports coaches is a huge incentive. What’s more, if there are no PTs or coaches nearby to fit their needs, the fibodo team will source professionals in the location to meet this call – offering PTs the chance to get on board with guaranteed clients who are ready and waiting.

This new exercise section of the Activity Hub will join the existing deals that Wrkit offers, with everything from cinema trips to car insurance. The exercise assistance will be a welcome addition.

Peter Jenkinson, business development director at Wrkit, said, “By partnering with fibodo, Wrkit will be giving hundreds of thousands of employees a straightforward and trusted way to find, book and do sports and activity sessions – enabling employees to become healthier, more active and happier. We’re also delighted to be supporting every PT and sports professional on fibodo, helping them grow their business and get more people active.”

Available from 5 November 2018. For more information, visit:  and

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