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St Peter’s Leisure Centre, part of Burnley Leisure, was the UK’s first MOSSA-licensed client and launched Group Power, Group Kick (now known as Fight) and Group Centergy back in February 2013, with over 330 members in attendance across the three sessions. The trainer team at Burnley has demonstrated commitment, striving to deliver to members a progressive timetable of group exercise classes.

All eyes now turn to the National Fitness Awards (NFA) nominations, where Burnley Leisure is up for two awards: Local Authority Leisure Trust Gym of the Year and Group Exercise Gym of the Year. The team has been described as a willing and enthusiastic ambassador for both the trust and all the people it serves on a day-to-day basis. National Fitness Day in September was a time to unite all ages; St Peter’s held outdoor classes in the town centre, which saw young people alongside pensioners participating in classes such as MOSSA Group Power and Spinning.

Health and fitness manager at Burnley Leisure Elaine Adams-Gilligan said, “We’ve won one of the NFA awards in the last two years. Last year, it was Gym Team of the Year. We’re a very small borough and for a borough in the North West to pick up something of that nature is massive. There are such a lot of different gyms with different agendas. Our members know our team is held up as a good team – it makes a difference. We teach 90 classes a week and we never, ever fail to deliver.”

Adams-Gilligan went on to say that MOSSA has taken Burnley Leisure in “a different direction to other clubs” and, interestingly, has drastically increased male participation. Not knowing what to expect for each new release builds the excitement within the trainer team and, impressively, no class has ever been cancelled at Burnley Leisure. For the past three years, Burnley Leisure hasn’t known what to expect next from MOSSA: “We’ve had reps, sets, bodyweight, plyometrics, pyramid …” recalls Adams-Gilligan. “MOSSA follows the current trends. For example, there is twisting work in the new release. That’s never been done before. There are lots of firsts. In fact, there’s a first in every single new release.”

Group Core and Group Blast

MOSSA, the most respected worldwide developer of professional, high-quality, enjoyable group fitness, has expanded its offerings. September saw the UK’s first training workshops in Group Core and Group Blast, with DS Fitness in Barrow-in-Furness launching Group Core within a week of the training.

MOSSA client support Lynne Briggs is said to be overwhelmed by the feedback from both the participants and instructors. The instructors feel they are now in a strong position to teach the classes as a result of the training. 

Group Core is for those looking for an action-packed 30 minutes presented by expert coaches, and motivational music helps guide you through functional and integrated exercise using bodyweight, weight plates, a towel and a platform. So, if you’re looking to strengthen everything from your shoulders to your hips, Group Core helps to make you stronger, quicker and faster in all you do. What’s more, strengthening your core can reduce back pain.

Check out the Group Core trailer here:

When it comes to Group Blast, time is ramped up to a full 60 minutes, as cardio training get serious and the infamous STEP is used in highly effective and athletic movements. What can it do for your class? Well, Group Blast has a plethora of strengths, including the ability to improve your fitness, agility, co-ordination and strength. Group Blast is suitable for all, as the STEP can be adjusted depending on ability.


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