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What makes a great coach?

 The joint second fastest woman in the world, Dina Asher-Smith, has teamed up with England Athletics to encourage 10,000 more people to get coaching by 2020. Asher-Smith knows all too well the importance of what makes a great coach, having trained with John Blackie since the age of nine.


In relation to her partnership, the sprinter said, “The launch of #gocoach is a great reminder of all the hard work and support that coaches and run leaders provide – often voluntarily – to help others. I hope the campaign will inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to think about becoming a coach or run leader. Our fantastic sport wouldn’t survive without them.”

Asher-Smith continued, “There can be a misconception that you must have a sporting background to become a coach, and while for many people it is a way of widening their enthusiasm for sport, people of all ages, backgrounds and aspirations can get involved in coaching. It is a way of giving back to the local community by sharing their knowledge and desire to see others taking an active involvement in athletics and running. Whether you are a university student, grandparent, or simply someone with a little spare time, becoming a licensed volunteer coach or leader can be a life-changing role.”

Becoming a coach or run leader is a great way to get involved in sport, build new friendships, and positively affect the lives of people in your local community. Coaches have a tremendous impact on people’s experience of sport and physical activity, whether that’s helping them to achieve their full potential as a competitive athlete, or encouraging them to become active and enjoy the many benefits of exercise. For some, volunteer coaching is a great way to reduce social isolation, become an integral part of a new community, and develop new skills. For others, coaching provides invaluable experiences and life skills that can be carried through into developing new career opportunities.

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