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As a fitness professional, an online presence is crucial for running a successful business. Gone are the days of just picking up clients via word-of-mouth referrals. Competition is rife in our industry, which means your business needs to be out there, generating awareness. Websites.

But, let’s be honest, your expertise lies in fitness and nutrition, not in web design. Then there’s the added issue of finance and your budget.  Stunning websites can be quite expensive, especially if you need an agency’s help.

So, what if we told you about a new platform where you can create your own website, your way, with no need for web development skills or a chunky budget.

Let us introduce you to our brand new website builder – FitPro Websites.


What is FitPro Websites?

FitPro Websites is an all-in-one solution for any fitness professional looking to create an impact online and build a stunning website without any coding experience or hefty costs.

The process is simple – you choose your theme, you enter your content, and you publish your website to the world!

The platform has a wide variety of templates to choose from, so whether you’re looking for a clean, uncluttered design, or a grungy CrossFit feel, FitPro Websites can cater for all tastes.


 No experience needed, really!

But how do you create a website without any coding experience? Well, we’ve done all the hard work for you already. Our developers have been working tirelessly to create an easy-to-use website builder that anybody can use. Rather than spend hours trying to change pieces of code to move sections around, with Fitpro Websites you can do it all with the simple click of a button.

It really is as simple as that, the click of a button!

You can mix and match different sections and features, too, making your website truly unique to your business.


 How much does it cost?

With everything else being so simple, we didn’t want to make the pricing complicated. We know how difficult it can be running a fitness business and not everybody has a spare £5,000 in their pocket.


FitPro Websites is a simple website builder with a simple price – £47 per month.


No contract. No catch. We like to keep things simple.

How do I get started with FitPro Websites?


If you think Fitpro Websites is the right choice for your business, then you’re in luck! We are giving new sign-ups a 14-day FREE trial, allowing you to see whether it’s the right fit for your business first.


To learn more about our platform, simply click here


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