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The weather is certainly heating up over the next week. Personal trainer, Robert Kane shares with FitPro some of his favourite movements to do while on the beach.

“There is nothing quite like a summer workout, especially if the elusive English summer actually has some sun, and what’s even better is if you’re in touching distance of a beach! says trainer, Kane.  “I love movement, getting outside and completing a workout with the sun and sea around me. I would definitely say that this really motivates me to train. As a result of living in London, this isn’t always possible – so I take advantage where I can.”

According to Kane, an outside workout is the ‘session remix’ that his body really needs.  He tells Fitpro, that the change of scenery helps to get his mind thinking differently and he enjoys challenging his body in a new environment.

“I meditate daily, says Kane. “Doing this regularly has changed my mindset towards every workout and I would go as far to say my whole outlook on life. It is worth every single minute. I would always say: “oh, that’s not for me’ or, ‘I have no time.’ Later in life, I learnt that both these comments were excuses, (so you DO get wiser as you get older.) I started with just 6 minutes a day – I knew I could find just 6 minutes in my busy schedule to get this done.”

Here are three of my favourite exercises from the video circuit, which is from my Method SIX beach workout. More exercises in the video for you to try! Find me on Instagram if you have any questions or for more workouts: 


6 minute ATAC (as many times as you can)


12 – Beetles (L + R = 1 rep)

24 metre – Switch lunges

24 metre – Alligator crawls


  • Think outside of the gym or box — Where are you? What equipment can you use? Pull up bars; sand, rocks, benches, wide open spaces!

You will be amazed at what’s around you to train with when you are present and aware of your surroundings


  • Try a session remix

This could be just the stimulus change that you or your client needs in their sessions


  • Start meditating today 

6 minutes a day to have a better workout, to view life a little more positively and to reduce stress levels, it’s a no brainer. If it makes me 1% better than I was yesterday it’s worth it!

Do you have a question for Rob? or would you like to share your summer workout videos? we would LOVE to see them! Email us at: