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Long standing colleagues, Jane Waller from FitPro and Joanna Hall from WalkActive, wrap up ‘Walking Month’ in this webcast where they discuss the many benefits of walking as an exercise activity.

They review latest research, correct walking techniques and what is a good pace. It is packed full of valuable information for fit pros to share with their clients.

In this webcast, Joanna answers:

✔️  Is 10,000 steps a day truly the benchmark, what’s the latest research around ‘steps per day’ and what should our fit pros be sharing with their clients?

✔️  How does walking really impact on our physical, cognitive and emotional wellbeing?

✔️  What is the ideal walking pace and is faster better and an indication of our fitness and ability?

✔️  Is technique a consideration when it comes to walking effectively?

✔️  What does the research you have conducted with Southbank tell us?

Watch now!

Joanna Hall smiling whilst sat on some stairs adjusting her trainer

Joanna Hall, MSc Sports Science










With over twenty-five years’ experience in the global fitness industry, Joanna Hall is an internationally acclaimed walking, fitness and wellbeing expert. As creator and founder of WalkActive – The Effective Walking System, she has taught 1000’s of individuals across the world to walk better through her scientifically backed technique with live events and the WalkActive App. An experienced media presenter, Joanna has been the resident Diet & Fitness expert for the UK”s Daytime #1 TV show This Morning and led national reader campaigns for the Daily Mail and The Telegraph. Joanna is the published author of 14 books, including The WalkActive Programme: The Amazon Category #1 Best seller.


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