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Teresa Wheatley invites you to join her for the A-Z of Elite Teaching workshop, which takes place this October and November across the country and shows you how to take your fitness coaching and business to another level.

There is nothing I am more passionate about than the standards of the group X industry. I am always heralding new developments and progressions as we continuously evolve but I am more than worried, it is fair to say: there has been an explosion of new products and training but, where you see evolution, you would expect standards to rise too, surely?

I am exceptionally passionate about driving our standards up, supporting further developments, inspiring others and unleashing people’s full potential in this competitive industry. We all know how important staying educated is to our success so, for the last 25 years, I have been honing my skills and now regularly deliver education, assess and present both nationally and internationally.

I’ve been bursting with excitement recently as I have been developing The A-Z of Elite Teaching as part of the FitPro LIVE Workshop Series, designed to enhance your group X skills. These types of course are few and far between – it certainly is a rare opportunity that will benefit both the freestyle and pre-choreographed instructor (I am a huge fan of both) so that you stay at the forefront of the industry.

I have designed this half-day workshop to take you on an inspiring journey to explore and learn elite qualities and skills that every group fitness instructor should confidently use. You will sharpen and enhance your skill set and learn new secrets for your success. The workshop culminates in a dynamic masterclass I have choreographed, which demonstrates the elite teaching skills learned with take-away choreography notes that you can use at a new level.


Here are some of the main points we will cover in this streamlined and comprehensive workshop:

  • The A-Z of elite instruction – discover your pathway to another level of excellence in your teaching
  • The secrets to successful choreography – sharpen and grow your skill set with innovative techniques and learn new secrets for your success
  • Musicality – bring fresh inspiration to this essential aspect of your class and learn some sneaky tricks to inspire you for years to come
  • The three Ws – create the ‘wow’ factor and the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’, ensuring a greater experience while linking solid principles to motivate like never before
  • Coaching and beyond – stand out from the crowd by taking your coaching and business to another level

I guarantee you will learn new skills to inspire and revolutionise your classes and all for only £35! You will also gain 4 REPs CPD points.

As FitPro members I know you already recognise excellence with the work FitPro already does, so I’m looking forward to inspiring like-minded people who want to drive themselves and our industry forwards. See you there.

Dates and locations

Saturday 22 October 2016 London

Sunday 23 October 2016 Loughborough

Saturday 12 November 2016 Edinburgh

Sunday 13 November 2016 Burnley

Book your place on Teresa’s course today at for just £35.

About the author


With almost 25 years’ experience in group exercise, Teresa Wheatley is highly sought-after, regularly delivers education and presents nationally and internationally. She prides herself on combining energy, enthusiasm and expertise all rolled into one and is well known for her ability to see and unlock the full potential in others. Teresa now enjoys working at FitPro as a national trainer alongside her work as an educator, presenter and writer.

About the Author

Teresa Wheatley

Group X

Teresa Wheatley is well known around FitPro HQ for her infectious energy as our much-loved and respected Head of Marketing and Education. She brings over 30 years of kick-ass group X experience to the role and is a highly sought-after presenter and trainer, delivering world-class education and continually raising standards to get more people moving more often. Teresa’s commitment to excellence saw her become a finalist in ukactive’s Activity Champion of the Year in 2016 and she’s a tutor and assessor for several fitness training providers. She has her own music to support her teaching, has presented on film and has written numerous fitness articles. She loves a chai latte, is a mother of two and is also an EOLC Volunteer, delivering end of life care.

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