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Do you know the hidden value of milk? FitPro has sourced a study that froths up some insightful developments.

The overall nutritional value of milk is well known; however, little research has been carried out into the deeper structure of milk and, in particular, how fats interact with the digestive system.

A new study by Monash University and published in the journal ACS Nano has targeted its scientific research at the structure of milk during the digestion process. The study was led by Dr Stefan Salentinig and Professor Ben Boyd from the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MIPS). The aim of the study was to gain insight into the nanostructure of milk and how its components interactively work with the human digestive system.

Members of the scientific team chemically recreated the digestive system in a glass beaker by adding cow’s milk. Results from the experiment suggested that milk had a unique structure: an emulsion of fats, nutrients and water forms a structure that enhances digestion. The researchers discovered that milk was a highly geometrically ordered structure when digested. Dr Salentinig said, “The structure is similar to a sponge, potentially enhancing the absorption of milk’s healthy fats.” The outcome of the research will see the team work with nutritionists to increase the link between these new findings and dietary outcomes and, under ARC funding, they will utilise this research to help design and test new medicines.

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