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2020 is officially here! As Winston Churchill once said, “If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail” and this is especially true in the fitness industry.

As your client base will fluctuate throughout the year, we reached out to some of our FitPro ambassadors to share their advice and tips on how you can excel in your business. For the year ahead, each episode video explores different ways you can achieve this.

EP. 1 Business

This first episode from Jake Wood looks at what you can do within your business approach. He discusses how you can retain your current client base and how to utilise social media and other advertising channels.

EP. 2 Education

The second episode brought to us from Matt Gleed explores how to make use of slow periods during the year by focusing on your education. By continuing to educate yourself, it means you can more confidently cater to a wider variety of clientele.

EP. 3 Well-being

Lastly, the third episode from Jennifer Devonshire highlights one of the most important aspects of success in this industry – your well-being and self-care. Working in an essentially freelance-based industry can be stressful but the added pressures of regularly changing schedules can have a negative effect on your health if a balance isn’t found. Jenny looks at ways to find time in your busy schedule to relax and de-stress.


We hope you found our Ambassadors tips and advice useful and we hope that your businesses and careers excel in 2020!