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Train like an athlete in 30 action-packed minutes. Expert coaching and motivating music guide you through functional and integrated exercises using bodyweight, weight plates, a towel and a platform – improving your core and athletic performance, and challenging you like never before. Strengthen everything, from your shoulders to your hips, making you stronger, quicker and faster in all you do. In addition, strengthening your core can reduce back pain and give you great-looking abs! It’s quick, challenging and like nothing else.

Experience MOSSA’s exciting new programmes in one jam-packed day of incredible masterclasses. Plus, there is the option to transition. Bring your class participants!

Where and when?

Warrington – 21 February

Leicestershire – 28 February

Cardiff – 17 April

Burnley – 24 April

Middlesex – 7 May

Strengthen your core and also get involved with the many other programmes on offer from MOSSA UK during the FitPro LIVE Workshop Series!

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