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Thank you for the music – get three months’ free fitness music for your classes.

FitPro, a worldwide fitness industry leader, offers you unlimited access to the ultimate music subscription service – get three months’ free membership at MyGroupFit.

What will keep people coming back to your classes? Sure, they want to get good results – build strength, burn fat, stay young – but what holds them in your space? What will keep them coming back to your class instead of shopping around for alternatives?

Well, apart from your sparkling and motivating presence, one of the main attractions is the music you play. It really is all about that bass.

Music doesn’t just create an atmosphere – although this is a very important part of its job. Without music in a fitness class, it’s a bit like going on a dog walk without an actual dog. There’s something pretty major missing from the experience.

Music provides the beats and phrases to assist you – the instructor – in cueing the participants. It also motivates your class members. It’s the glue that holds the class together and keeps it feeling fresh.

With this in mind, here at FitPro we’d like to offer you three months’ free membership to MyGroupFit, the ultimate digital music subscription service that offers you banging tunes from the world’s biggest artists.

What is MyGroupFit?

MyGroupFit is your passport to great music you can play any time, anywhere, from your mobile device. Got a yoga class in a church hall? We’ve got the music for that. Powering up for an indoor cycling class? We’ve got you covered too.

MyGroupFit holds over 450 albums of original and non-original artist music. Subscription to the service gives you access to the entire library of music for all styles of fitness classes, from yoga to aqua and everything in between. The music is professionally mixed and evenly phrased, perfect for your fitness classes. New tracks are being added all the time – we dare you to try and listen to them all. (You won’t be able to – the app is stuffed to the rafters with beats!)

The MyGroupFit music app enables you to download music wherever you are on your mobile device – and there’s no limit to how many downloads you can make. Switch up your music choices whenever you like – perhaps even ask your class members for their special requests!

Visit to subscribe and get three months’ free membership. Once your three months is up, the membership will cost the usual monthly price of just £9.99.

As a MyGroupFit member, as well as great music you’ll also get free access to our educational articles, blog, social community and bi-weekly e-newsletters.

Top tips for choosing your fitness music

  • Consider your demographic when choosing your playlists. Think about age, ethnicity and gender when selecting suitable music – but don’t just assume people in their 20s won’t know some of the 80s’ bangers or that older participants won’t appreciate a bit of Beyoncé.
  • Appeal to a wider audience. Try to choose tracks that will appeal to most of your participants, rather than a niche audience. You can’t always be sure who will turn up on the day, so make the appeal as wide as possible. Pick some of the big-hitting artists or tracks for each class to really get hearts pumping.
  • Look for inspirational tracks with uplifting lyrics to raise participants’ moods. Encourage them to sing along if they feel like it.
  • Rotate your playlists. Don’t play the same playlist week in, week out. It won’t take long for participants to tire of the music.
  • Make sure it’s a playlist you enjoy. If you’re smiling and enjoying the tunes, your energy will be infectious.

Head on over to to take advantage of three months’ free music today. Your class members will thank you!


Need help with music licensing or getting your head around it? We are here for you – simply pick up the phone or check out our website about music licensing.

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