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When some people hear the words ‘plant based’ or ‘vegan’, the assumption is that the food is going to be bland. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth!

To add extra punches of flavour to plant-based meals, use spices and lots of them. Don’t be shy; spices add depth of flavour and can really distinguish one meal from another. Toast your spices before using, or fry them along with your vegetables to bring out their best flavour. Vinegar is also a wonderful way of bringing a dish to life. I enjoy adding a splash of good quality apple cider vinegar to my white sauces to give them an edge.

When beginning a plant-based diet, some people experience withdrawal symptoms after many years of consuming meat, dairy and eggs. To combat this, I like to fill that void by focusing on texture. Ensure that there’s not only variety of colour in your diet, but variety of texture to make sure your taste buds and palette stay fulfilled. Crunchy foods such as naked slaws, pickles and toasted breads will give you something to chew on and will complement softer foods such as a rich tomato-based sauce, silky soup and fluffy, fragrant quinoa.

Growing up, the majority of us have learnt that the main focus of a meal is meat or fish, and then starchy carbohydrates. Vegetables, sauces and condiments are chosen based around that. However, a plant-based diet now makes the vegetables and fruit that grow from our own soil the star of the show. This can be quite alien to some, but hopefully it can also be exciting to discover new foods and a new way of eating. Experimenting is key! There are thousands of combinations and pairings for your taste buds to discover.

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About the author

Lucy Andrew, vegan chef and founder of The Power Plant, turned to a plant-based diet at the start of 2018 after learning how the consumption of animal products affects the planet and what the real picture of farm-to-plate looks like. Lucy’s aim at The Power Plant is to produce food that is fun and easy to replicate. The recipes are suitable for everyone – you don’t need to be vegan to enjoy them. Give them a go, take photos, and tag  – @thepowerplant2019.