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Want to experience an entirely new mind and body session? Check out Crossover2Yoga, which draws on mobility for athletes, the benefits of fascial release and yin yoga. Linda Chambers explains what you can expect when attending the session at FitPro LIVE this year.

The Crossover2Yoga method draws from the following concepts:

  • The importance of mobility for athletes (i.e., everyone who is active), especially given the recent rise in the popularity of activities that force athletes to repeatedly push their bodies to the limit
  • The many benefits of fascial release and yin yoga, which I have extensively researched and experienced
  • Integrating all of the above into a single training method that can improve our movement quality in many major movement patterns
  • Improving athletic performance through breathing strategies taken from yoga

Taking the above into consideration, the aim of this programme is to encourage athletes not to treat athletic training, mobility exercise and yoga as three different concepts but, instead, to ‘crossover’ all three and use specific yoga practice to complement other movement strategies.

During the session at FitPro LIVE, we will discuss a comprehensive approach to allow attendees to implement Crossover2Yoga into their daily practice. We will do this by looking at the four main mobility pathways that permit or restrict movement in the body and will discuss the eight most common movement patterns taken from athletic training. Finally, we will overview the most beneficial poses from yin yoga that will ultimately address the most common mobility issues and help improve movement quality across the eight movement patterns. We will talk in-depth about yin yoga and how it differs from other forms of yoga, and how it is hugely beneficial for anyone looking to improve their movement capabilities. The most important takeaways from this session will be how to perform the specific poses, how to coach them safely and effectively to your clients and groups, and also how to implement tailored programming based on mobility restriction, movement type or pose.

This session is a must for anyone engaged in athletic activity or intense exercise, as well as personal trainers or group fitness instructors who are looking for strategies to help integrate mobility and flexibility methods into their current movement practice.

The most appealing aspect of Crossover2Yoga is that it is SIMPLE. Ancient Eastern principals combined with modern anatomy knowledge create a playground for us to explore the freedom in movement!

Crossover2Yoga was first trialled at the MEFIT Summit in Dubai in December 2014.  Vikana, a 35-year-old male ex bodybuilder, said of the session, “That was great and intense! I was really struggling to hold some basic poses. It proved I need more of this and why haven’t I been doing this already?”

Michelle, a Pilates teacher, added, “I know all of this theory but it’s nice to see it from a different angle. I can definitely incorporate some of this into my clients’ sessions.”

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