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Here’s a further update concerning Indoor and Outdoor Exercise in England subsequent to Government advice that social gatherings of more than six people will be banned effective 14th September.

  • People can continue to use leisure facilities, including gyms and pools, and take part in organised indoor and outdoor physical activity and exercise classes.
  • All facilities should continue to follow current Covid-secure guidance.
  • Community halls can be used for classes, with owner’s permission and following existing guidelines.
  • There are no changes to existing guidelines around numbers of people who can be involved in these activities, including up to 30 people for outdoor group training.
  • Outdoor events must take place on public land, or land operated by a business, charity or philanthropic institution. Any event taking place in a private dwelling or garden must be no more than six people, including the instructors.
  • People should, however, avoid travelling in groups or gathering in social groups of more than six people indoors or outdoors as per the new requirements.

NOTE: While this guidance applies to England, you should always consider whether there are local restrictions in place in your area. If you live, work or volunteer in an area that is experiencing a local COVID-19 outbreak and where local restrictions been imposed, different guidance and legislation will apply.

Other commonly asked questions

  • Wearing masks?

There are no government recommendations suggesting that participants should wear masks during exercise. Evidence suggests that wearing masks during exercise should be discouraged.

  • Effective Social Distancing for classes?

Classes must always enable class participants to stay at least 2m apart. (3m is advised for classes involving movement). We recommend the honeycomb pattern that we provided back in July. Download the infographics to create 2m space or 3m space in group fitness.  

  • Risk Assessments?

Instructors must prepare a written COVID-19 risk assessment prior to activity.
See guidance 
here. When using third party-owned or managed facilities they should also have undertaken a full risk assessment. A PAR-Q for all participants is also an important requirement.

  • Track and Trace?

Those in control of administering attendance should collect participant details for a potential requirement for NHS Test and Trace purposes.

Please note: these guidelines are only applicable to England and are subject to regional advice and ongoing COVID-19 guidelines from the government. – the guidelines may differ for other parts of the UK.