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In 2013, Burnley Leisure, which serves over 2,700 members, reviewed its current group exercise programme provider, seeking to source a brand which could increase availability and accessibility for instructors.

Health and fitness manager Elaine Adams-Gilligan explained:

“We have an excellent team of 15 instructors teaching these classes, so it was crucial to find programmes that would excite both them and our members. I had been looking for something for a while and when I saw MOSSA’s programmes, I was completely blown away.”

Discovery of MOSSA’s innovative programming

Following the discovery of MOSSA’s innovative programming, Burnley Leisure decided to make the decision to move to MOSSA’s Group Power, Group Kick and Group Centergy programmes. After the re-training of the instructors, the first release was launched at both the council’s centres – St Peter’s and Padiham Leisure Centre. For Burnley, this meant that they could solve their training issues, as well as facilitating training for other instructors in the area at their award winning facility, St Peter’s.

Adam-Gilligan added,

“MOSSA’s programming is up to date and functional. Each release is periodised to create a different challenge. For example, the Group Power programmes include plyometrics and dynamic movements, making them more challenging than our previous programmes, but they are also really balanced workouts.”

Different story

The fitness manager praised the music and the element of not knowing which release is coming next as pivotal strengths. Turning the page to conclude on actual results, the manager has noticed a real difference in her instructors after teaching MOSSA. The instructors are now excited before presenting their classes.

MOSSA tells a “different story,” says Gilligan. Opting for MOSSA in its class structure has shown Burnley Leisure’s members that the centres can continue to produce significant results. Retaining valued staff was vital for Burnley Leisure and shifting to MOSSA “was simply the best decision” that fitness manager Adams-Gilligan recalls making.