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Alphalates: Pilates for men

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FitPro national trainer, Anthony Mendoza, went out of his comfort zone to review a Pilates class designed for men. The trainer tells Olivia Hubbard what he thought of the session.  The concept Alphalates was devised by Pilates Squared founder, Caron Bosler, and trainer Hakan Erol. The trainer is ex-military and a former bodyguard. The aim [...]

Training for success

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How do you deliver a training programme tailored to individuals without offering one-to-one training? TRIBE Team Training™ may have the answer, says FitPro’s Terry Gibbs. Whether it’s building muscle, gaining the edge at competitive sport or dropping a dress size, people have clear goals and objectives when deciding what health club or fitness facility to [...]


TribeKIDS™ is our fun youth fitness class that builds fit, healthy and confident kids. TribeKIDS™ involves exercises that are fundamental to all things that kids need to do as their bodies grow – pull, push, run, jump, throw, climb and lift. TribeKIDS™ workouts incorporate athletic drills for coordination and agility, strength and stamina exercises as [...]

TRIBE Team Training Master Coaches

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FitPro, the UK partner of TRIBE Team Training™, has selected a group of talented fitness professionals to become the New Zealand-based brand’s first UK master coaching team. Master coaches The six ambassadors from both FitPro’s trainer team and health clubs where TRIBE Team Training has been trialled, underwent intensive master coaching in all five of the [...]