Learn about intermittent fasting protocols for health, weight management, muscle growth and physical performance. Discover the science behind the claims and gain practical insights from four top experts in the field.

Aims and objectives:

  • To describe various intermittent fasting protocols
  • Be able to list the pros and cons of intermittent fasting for weight management
  • To provide a clear understanding of how intermittent fasting compares to traditional calorie-restricting diets for weight management
  • Be able to describe the general evidence for intermittent fasting as a dietary method to enhance muscle growth and physical performance
  • Understand unresolved questions related to the effectiveness of intermittent fasting for weight management and physical performance

Author bio

Matt O'Neill is an exercise scientist, accredited practicing dietitian, and director of the SmartShape Centre for Weight Management in Australia. For this course he is joined by Professor Leonie Heilbronn, Professor Amanda Salis, and PhD candidate Jackson Peos.