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Pelvic Floor 101

This course introduces the pelvic floor, it’s role in the core, continence and pelvic organ support and how fitness professionals can start to have conversations with clients about pelvic floor awareness. Learn some basic strategies to include pelvic floor awareness in your programs, and ways to minimise strain on the pelvic floor for clients who have a higher pelvic floor risk profile.

Course Aims and Objectives:

  • Introduce basic pelvic floor anatomy and the role of the pelvic floor.
  • Introduce ways to have conversations with clients about their pelvic floor and its role in the core, including teaching tips for fitness professionals.
  • Introduce awareness of clients with a higher risk profile for pelvic floor problems and fitness professional considerations in exercise programming for these clients.
  • Outline symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction, and fitness professional role in having an awareness of these, including referral to other health professionals.

Author bio

Dianne Edmonds

Dianne Edmonds is an Australian physiotherapist with over 30 years of experience with pregnancy, postnatal and pelvic floor education, treatment and fitness programs. She contributed to the development of the AusActive Pregnancy and Postnatal Exercise Guidelines as a member of the expert reference group. Dianne was the lead physiotherapist and project officer for the Pelvic Floor First project campaign, run by the Continence Foundation of Australia and is a Pelvic Floor First Ambassador. Dianne is the Director and founder of The Pregnancy Centre, and hosts The Running to the Core Podcast, which explores areas affecting women’s return to fitness and running postnatally. She currently works in an Obstetric GP practice in Mandurah, Western Australia.