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Loaded Movement Training

CPDs : 1.5

Loaded Movement Training combines task-orientated movement patterning with resistance training. Agility and strength come from moving the body though a multitude of purposeful actions under load and, inspired by the strength and agility of farm workers, ViPR and Loaded Movement Training represent functional fitness at its very best.

The purpose of this course is to provide you with an introductory-level education on the fundamental principles of Loaded Movement Training (LMT), the foundational exercises and programming systems that are key to the ViPR concept.

Course aims and objectives:

  • Gain a basic understanding of the concept of Loaded Movement Training (LMT)
  • Learn the basic ViPR LMT exercises
  • Understand how to manipulate LMT exercise variables to progress and regress difficulty
  • Gain an understanding of how to structure and deliver a ViPR LMT workout

Suggested Pre-requisite:

  • CIMSPA: L2 Gym / Group Ex

Author Bio

  • Stephen Tongue

    With a passion for movement and an appetite for rock climbing and bouldering, Stephen Tongue has ascended to great heights in his personal training career, segueing into master trainer roles for leading fitness brands such as ViPR and Power Plate. As Head of Education for ViPR at FitPro, he holds a special interest in movement-based physical therapy and, from his base in Loughborough – where he lives with his wife, two children and a dog called Dude – he has travelled all over the UK and Europe, educating himself and continually developing his skills. He regularly contributes to magazines, blogs and social media platforms and has presented at various fitness conventions. He is a Leicester Tigers fan and his happy place is Hope Valley in the Peak District.