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Youth Athletic Development Webinar Series

CPDs : 1.5

In recent times, scientists and coaches have shown an increasing interest in the long-term development of young athletes. It is now widely accepted that children and adolescents require an independent and alternative approach to adults when attempting to enhance physical abilities. Research has previously documented the importance of not treating children like ‘miniature adults’ due to their varying maturation rates and hormonal profiles.

The aim of this webinar series is to educate practitioners on the key concepts of long-term athletic development, providing coaches with a greater understanding of how to properly train and progress youth athletes into adulthood. The series will explore the significance of physical literacy and fundamental movement skills, address the controversy of resistance training within youth populations and outline a model for long-term development based on current scientific literature.

Suggested Pre-requisite

  • CIMSPA: L2 Gym / Group Ex

Aims and objectives:

  • Learn the need for youth athletic development within youth sport
  • Understand the importance of physical literacy within youth athletic development
  • Learn the health benefits and the common myths surrounding youth athletic development
  • Learn the morphological and neuromuscular differences between boys and girls within youth athletic development
  • Learn and implement the Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) model
  • Learn and implement the Youth Physical Development model
  • Learn the differences between biological vs chronicle age
  • Know the importance of youth psychology and key theoretical concepts that surround positive cognitive, mental and psychosocial wellbeing
  • Understand the role of the coach, parent and peers within youth athletic development and influencing positive mental and emotional changes across childhood
  • Implement effective evidence-based youth athletic development periodisation

Author Bio

  • Thomas Stringwell

    Thomas Stringwell is the founder of Your Gym Sports Performance Ltd, an education provider that specialises within the fields of strength and conditioning and sports science. He’s an accredited strength and conditioning coach with the UKSCA and currently provides performance consultancy services across a range of sports including rugby union, rugby league, soccer, handball, boxing, mixed martial arts, BMX supercross, strength sports and Youth Athletic Development.

    He holds an MSc in Sports Biomechanics (Loughborough University), a 1st class honours degree in Sport and Exercise Science (Manchester Metropolitan University) and a Certificate in Education teaching degree (Huddersfield University), with future ambitions of completing a PhD within the field of motor learning, constraints-based learning and non-linear pedagogy.

    He has a real passion for education and coach development, having both coached and taught within the fields of strength and conditioning and health and fitness for over a decade. He’s a lifelong strength sport enthusiast, having competed both in Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting at a national level, with a genuine drive to support and educate coaches throughout our industry.