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BodyMapping: The Knee

CPDs : 1

Are you ready to see, feel and map the knee? Since 1996, the BodyMapper courses have made functional anatomy into an art form. Don’t just learn and observe but UNDERSTAND and WITNESS how the knee is influenced by the multitude of muscles around it. Get to know the knee intimately with this in-depth BodyMappers course designed to get you hands on from the get go.

By following the simple BodyMappers Multi-Sensory Learning System – See, Feel, Map, Move, Memorise – the concepts in this course will allow you to implement and understand the functional anatomy of your clients! This course is anatomy and physiology education for the healthcare, wellness and fitness professions.


Suggested Pre-requisite:

  • CIMSPA: L2 Gym

Aims and objectives of course:

  • See the Knee
  • Feel the Knee
  • Map the Knee
  • Move the Knee
  • Memorise the Knee

Author Bio

  • Pete Banbury

    Pete Banbury has spent 24 years as a practitioner and educator in the fitness and healthcare industry. Highlights along the way have included working at Leicester Tigers Rugby Club as a Sports Massage Therapist where he worked with many of England’s Rugby World Cup winning players. He now specialises in Functional Anatomy and Biomechanics and in 2020 co-founded his most recent company, The BodyMapper. For any healthcare or fitness practitioners wishing to stretch for the upper limits of their discipline, The BodyMapper takes you on a learning journey through Functional Anatomy to Movement Physiology so that you embed rock solid foundations to reach for higher concepts and skills.