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Functional Strength for Ageing Populations

CPDs: 1.5

This course delves into the role of strength training for developing and maintaining functional capacity specifically for adults from mid-life into older age. Students are provided with a solid overview of the latest research-based evidence, along with a comprehensive library of exercises and exercise strategies. Key topics covered in the course include functional strength, functional mobility, strategies for balance and falls prevention, power and speed training, and exercise enrichment for physical and cognitive resilience.

Aims and objectives of course:

  • Define functional strength in the context of ageing.
  • Outline current evidence for strength training in older populations.
  • Identify common barriers, safety and medical considerations.
  • Exercise prescription for key functional strength patterns.
  • Exercise prescription for functional mobility.
  • Exercise prescription for balance and falls prevention.
  • Exercise prescription for functional power and speed.

Author Bio

Marcelle is an accredited exercise physiologist, working in private practice in Melbourne, Australia. Her interest is in the application of exercise physiology research to the development of physical and mental resilience for everyday life, particularly into midlife and beyond. Her key areas of practice are: functional ageing, mental health and cognition, stress physiology, rehabilitation, and pain management. She also has a special interest in female physiology and menopause, and promoting a better understanding of the female body in and through exercise science and medicine.