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Personalisation through Epigenetics, Embryology, Somatotypes, Health Types

CPDs : 0.5

There are many different body types, with many different strengths, weaknesses and abilities. In this one hour video course, Dr Cam McDonald delves into the world of epigenetics, embryology, somatotypes and health types to explore how our bodies grow to become the sizes and shapes they are.
Discover how this information can be used to help you work more effectively with your personal training clients.

Suggested Pre-requisite:


Aims and objectives of course:

  • Why you are the way you are
  • What influences gene expression.
  • How epigenetic profiles work.
  • How the body develops.
  • How somatotypes relate to patterns of growth, body size and shape.
  • The relationships between the mesoderm, anthropometric measures and more.

Author Bio

  • Dr Cam McDonald

    Dr Cam McDonald has spent the last decade furthering his knowledge and skills to promote health in a way that makes it easy for clients. He blends his background as a dietitian and exercise physiologist with his long-standing interest in health and passion for understanding the latest research in genetics and environmental influence on health. Since 2014, he’s been an internationally leading practitioner in the application of epigenetics and personalised health. With the team from ph360, he created the world’s leading personalised health education programme for health professionals. Speaking internationally, running corporate wellness programmes and supporting educational bodies in delivering and practising personalised learning, Cam’s driving purpose is to support health professionals to live their potential so they can support others to do the same.