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Krystal Say

TRX master trainer

Empowering individuals to move well, be well and live with purpose is what Krystal Say is all about. A master trainer for the TRX Educational Team since 2011, she currently sits as the manager of TRX Yoga, where she leads the development of the TRX Yoga educational journey. Krystal is the owner of SWEAT Power Yoga, a yoga studio she describes as the playground for TRX Yoga creativity. Here, she leads regular TRX yoga classes to her community. She has travelled internationally to educate, inspire and create opportunities for others to teach TRX Yoga. Curiosity has helped Krystal to stay forever a student and she loves to play with new ideas and concepts to keep TRX Yoga fun and effective.

Key expertise:

  • Master trainer for TRX
  • Trainer on the TRX Training Club, a global virtual movement platform leading live and on demand classes
  • Holistic approach
  • Yoga expert

Qualifications & Awards

BS in Exercise Science
Certified health coach
Certified 500hr E-RYT yoga teacher
Certified integrative coach

CPD Courses by Krystal Say

Image for TRX Yoga Hip Openings
TRX Yoga Hip Openings
This course will give you a deeper understanding of how to safely release tension stored in your hips. Together we will break down specific mechanics of the hips and what yoga poses help promote a full range of motion. You will leave with a short yoga flow that incorporates all the yoga poses you workshopped to incorporate into your regular routine.
Image for TRX Yoga Inversions
TRX Yoga Inversions
This course is designed to help you access yoga inversions with proper alignment and technique. We will use the TRX Suspension Trainer as a tool to break down the preparatory movements necessary to access your full range of motion to safely work toward your inversion yoga pose. What’s included: - Digital Videos, Reading Material, Interactive Elements - 1-2hrs of digital education taught by Doug Li - On completion you will be invited to join a FREE 30 Day Trial for TRX CORE, which includes premium content, world-class functional training workouts, business tools and more. To best learn and apply the skills of this course we recommend having a TRX Suspension Trainer, yoga mat, two yoga blocks, and access to an electronic device (computer or tablet preferred).