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Mark Davis

Group X and Rehabilitation

Mark Davis is a highly qualified physiotherapist and educator with over 30 years of experience in fitness instructor training. He has a wealth of expertise as a clinician and has developed successful rehabilitation systems for individuals, sports, and industry. Mark has been educating fitness professionals since 1990 and has played a key role in preparing thousands of fitness instructors. He is a sought-after speaker at fitness conferences and co-created the popular mSwing program, which makes fitness accessible and enjoyable for a wide range of participants. In his free time, Mark works as a roadie and sound guy for his daughter’s indie-rock band, KRAVE, in Brisbane.

CPD Courses by Mark Davis

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Move to Improve
Move to Improve is a series aimed at menopausal and post-menopausal women along with those who work with this group. In the course we will explore some amazing misconceptions that can drive ways of thinking that can be so limiting to a group of people who have, not just a lot to offer, but also a whole heap of ways that they can: improve the way that they move improve the way that they think improve the way that they can feel and experience life