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Kevin Murray, M.A., CAFS, CPT, holds a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology and is the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology’s (2012) Certified Personal Trainer of the Year. He is the founder of Movement Masterminds, Director of Education for Function First, creator of the Yellow Brick Road and co-developer of the Pain-Free Movement Specialist certification. Previous to his role with Movement Masterminds and Function First, Kevin was an associate teacher for Anatomy Trains and sessional instructor at Canada’s largest polytechnic, postsecondary institute in the Health Sciences department teaching biomechanics. Kevin has provided educational insights for multiple organizations, along with being a featured author in Fitness Informer magazine, the American Council on Exercise, the National Post, Edmonton Journal, Calgary Herald, Vancouver Sun, Ottawa Citizen, Regina Leader-Post, Saskatoon Star Phoenix, and the Montreal Gazette.

CPD Courses by Kevin Murray

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Coaching Clients in Pain: A 4-part framework
From the moment your client walks through your door... until right before their biomechanical analysis begins - that's the Yellow Brick Road. Coaching Client's in Pain: A 4 part Framework's (previously known as The Yellow Brick Road) entire focus is on what transpires BEFORE the movement coach takes his or her client onto the assessment and exercise floor; the non-movement, interpersonal aspects of coaching and what’s involved in working with the chronic pain demographic. It’s a 4-part framework that synthesizes: - psychological theory - pain neuroscience - interpersonal relationship building principles - client-centred coaching essentials Integrating the movement and coaching realm is a complex, sophisticated process. This online curriculum provides a platform for each coach to seek & understand the narrative behind each client’s psychosocial stressors and provide them with an emotionally safe environment, so when it comes time for the biomechanical analysis, a truly 3-dimensional biopsychosocial experience takes place for each client. The Yellow Brick Road provides coaches a system for going beyond the biomechanical realm of influence, towards uncovering each clients’ internal problems; those areas of life that hold the most meaning which have been negatively impacted by chronic pain. This course is about how to coach clients who are experiencing pain. Creating pain-free transformations is not a random sequence of events. Instead, the genesis of change involves integrating biomechanical & anatomical factors with psychological & environmental considerations. The Yellow Brick Road will have you understanding why your clients are in pain, have you feeling enormously confident during the client intake process, and knowing precisely what to do with clients who have seemingly lost hope and ‘tried everything’.
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Pain-Free Movement Specialist
This course is the Pain-Free Movement Specialist (PFMS) course constructed by Anthony Carey, author of best-selling book ‘The Pain Free Program: A Proven Method to Relieve Back, Neck, Shoulders and Joint Pain’, and Kevin Murray, founder of Movement Masterminds. This specialist program is designed for experienced health and fitness professionals who want to help people eliminate pain and improve function, health and wellness. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of both corrective exercise and the rapport-building skills needed to work with clients in pain. Ultimately, you will be able to empower clients to better understand their pain and provide them with the tools they need to improve their quality of life.

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