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Dr Olubunmi Aboaba

Disordered Eating

Dr Olubunmi Aboaba is a Food Addiction Coach and leading authority on food addiction and the author of “Craving Freedom “, the R4 method to overcoming food addiction, helping clients achieve a healthy relationship with food to meet long-term health goals. Dr Olubunmi’s work covers the full spectrum of disordered eating, including overeating, compulsive eating, emotional eating, and other associated patterns. Dr Olubunmi is also creator of the R4 Method, a Food Addiction Foundational Certification to support fitness professionals, dieticians and medical clinicians to help their clients achieve long-lasting results.

Qualifications & Awards

Food Addiction Counsellor - European Board Certified

CPD Courses by Dr Olubunmi Aboaba

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Food Addiction Coach Accelerator Program
In this online course you can learn the foundations of food addiction in the Food Addiction Coach Accelerator program, become an authority in your field, and start to grow your own coaching business. You will learn how to understand the spectrum of food addiction which includes emotional eating, binge eating and bulimia nervosa. Food addiction and many other disordered eating patterns are impacting the lives of many, especially in this current climate. In this course, you will uncover the vital missing piece of the jigsaw that will empower you to help your clients to achieve sustainable results. We are living in a self-soothing society, where more and more of us are reaching for the ‘quick fix’ to make us feel better. For the vast majority that fixes it is food. As fitness professionals you are in a unique position to spot the signs and symptoms and deploy strategies. This course will put you head-and-shoulders above the competition in terms of specialist knowledge which will positively impact your client’s mental and physical wellbeing.