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Workout Insight: MMA Circuit

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Full-time personal trainer and FitPro trainer Holly Lynch has devised a fresh and innovative circuit, which incorporates sprawls into lateral shuffles, speed jabs and box jump squats.   Watch her dynamic circuit here:   What do you like about the MyGroupFit music track to which your circuit is performed? I love using electro-influenced music during my [...]

Making calisthenics work in a group

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Top image credit: Neil Gavin  Following on from the popularity of Dan Edwardes’ wise words in ‘Parkour: Primitive Sophistication’ last week, the UK’s number-one ranked calisthenics athlete Stephen Hughes Landers shares his session overview for FitPro LIVE 2015 and explains why bodyweight training is less intimidating than gym equipment. It’s important to make the distinction [...]

Getting music licensing right

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Almost two years after the tariff for the public performance of original artist sound recordings in fitness classes took effect on a fee-per-class basis, most facilities are still struggling to understand what they actually ‘need’ to pay, and many have no strategy to get best value from the music being played in their classes. Tariff [...]