Industry insight: F45 Training

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It’s certainly becoming a crowded space for London’s studio offerings. We spoke to Rob Deutsch, the founder of Australian fitness brand, F45 Training, on trainer education and how they are embracing technology in the future. FitPro: What did you consider before setting up F45 – what research did you carry out in order to understand [...]

Is HIIT for everyone?

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HIIT is everywhere, or so it seems. But, is this trendy training method suitable for all of your clients? As fitness professionals, it’s up to us to create a programme or class that is engaging and suitable for our clients. In this week’s blog, Simone Hodgkinson looks at HIIT in a bit more detail, including how you [...]

1,000 calories to burn: Energy expenditure during class by Tony Lycholat, part 2

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If haven’t read part 1, you can find it here What about HIIT? Clearly, with all-out efforts (as with high-intensity interval training [HIIT]) you could conceivably exercise at higher intensities yet for a reduced total time, since you will often be working anaerobically and your blood lactate levels will rise steadily if there are limited recovery periods. Remarkably, given the recent promotion and marketing [...]