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Hitman Hatton

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Four-time boxing world champion Ricky Hatton talks Manchester, staying out of the pub and the importance of education. Olivia Hubbard: How did your school friends react to you hitting up the boxing ring several times a week when you were just 10 years old? Ricky Hatton: I played football when I was young and I [...]

Player Strength

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OK, so England may be out, but this graphic from Betway suggests our players were harder, faster and stronger than they’ve ever been before …    (Also scroll down below the graphic for Pete McCall’s words of wisdom about strength training using ViPR and how to achieve the very best outcomes …)  source   Achieving muscle strength and size [...]

Part 2 – The climb, told by Karen Porter

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Air of success It was emotional saying goodbye to Reem as she left for her trip. Three weeks. We had spent five or six sessions together a week – every single week – for months. I felt nervous, a sense of responsibility towards her success and, of course, immense pride. She left at the end [...]