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David “Jacko” Jackson


In 2013, a traumatic brain injury and seizure on the rugby pitch forced Jacko to retire from professional rugby. The injury impacted negatively on his breathing patterns for years but what Jacko knows is that, if he can change his breathing patterns after his head injury, you can improve yours too, whether a result of day-to-day stress, poor habits or injury. A master instructor with the Oxygen Advantage, Jacko works with clients (including professional athletes) to improve their sporting performance, clients referred by GPs who need to address stress and anxiety issues through breathing, and everything in between. On a mission to make breathwork a normal part of our everyday lives, he even ran a 216km ultra-marathon breathing only through his nose in October 2022

Key expertise:

  • Changing breathing habits to improve performance – and life
  • Former professional rugby player
  • Working with clients from GP referrals
  • Working passionately with professional athletes and teams in a variety of sports like rugby union, football, triathlon, mountain biking, swimming, athletics at national and international levels


Qualifications & Awards

Accredited UKSCA Strength & Conditioning Coach
Master Oxygen Advantage Instructor
NASM Performance Enhancement and Corrective Exercise Specialist

CPD Courses by David “Jacko” Jackson

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Breathwork for Movement
How we breathe affects everything from our ribcage positioning, how our ribs articulate and what state of tension the nervous system is under – these all affect the way our bodies move. The fact that our diaphragm is central to our core stability and through fascial connected to our hip flexors makes it clear that the diaphragm itself will affect muscles around the pelvis. In the course you’ll learn all this and more to help improve the way you and your clients breathe to change everything from hip mobility, shoulder function and the strength of the core.